SAU-MSI selects transitional manager for the site

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) has designated the service provider who will be responsible for the coordination, revitalisation and transitional management of the former gendarmerie school site at the corner of Boulevard Général Jacques and Avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles. The SAU-MSI has selected the tender of a consortium consisting of Creatis, D-Side Groupe and Le Troisième Pôle from the five entries it received in the procurement procedure it launched at the end of April.

The role relates to a site of some 25,000 m2 and is expected to last for approximately two and a half years – the period during which the SAU-MSI will prepare for the implementation of the project and various urban planning, works tendering and other procedures will take place. Ultimately the site, which is currently enclosed by a perimeter wall, will be open on all four sides and comprehensively converted into public spaces, housing, local facilities, university activities, student housing and so on (for more information, go to

The SAU-MSI and the Creatis, D-Side Groupe and Le Troisième Pôle consortium are currently studying the 71 applications from project owners interested in temporarily occupying part of the site of the former gendarmerie school, received in response to the call for expressions of interest (CEI) issued in May.

The role of the Creatis, D-Side Groupe and Le Troisième Pôle consortium designated for the transitional management of the entire site will include:

  • coordinating and supporting the various projects arising from the CEI and other operations on the site so as to ensure the overall consistency of transitional management;
  • looking around for options for hosting other transitional activities, ensuring that projects are proposed with complementary social, cultural, economic and public characteristics and offering added value for the local area and residents;
  • ensuring a varied programme of projects and one-off activities throughout the year in the buildings and the outdoor spaces;
  • keeping local residents informed;
  • minimising any nuisances;
  • ensuring the cleanliness, safety and security of the site.