Key figures


  • Early 20th century: construction of the military complex (riding school: 1906)
  • January 2018: purchased by the Brussels-Capital Region from the Federal State 
  • 2018 to 2026: conversion of the site by the Urban Planning Corporation and the universities ULB and VUB


  • 3.9 ha: area of the former barracks quadrangle 
  • 56,000 m²: current floor area of the former barracks buildings
  • 27: the number of former barracks buildings
  • +/- 800 m: perimeter wall of the former barracks


  • Some 600 student housing units
  • Maximum 20,000 m² of public housing for families
  • 8,700 m² of university facilities
  • 1,100 m² of public facilities
  • 1,520 m²: floor space of the sustainable food court – the heart of a new range of local facilities
  • 2,500  m²: area of the main esplanade – the centre of a network of new public spaces
  • +/- 300 seats in an auditorium
  • 65: the number of social housing units planned in the former gendarmerie accommodation to be converted by the SLRB-BGHM on Rue Juliette Wytsman, just opposite