Open, vibrant public spaces

The conversion of the former barracks site to house Usquare includes extensive redevelopment of the open spaces within its enclosure, which were inaccessible to the public when they were used first by the gendarmes, and later by the police.

To start with, openings will be created in the perimeter walls to provide more access points to the interior spaces, which will become public, from all four sides of the historic quadrangle, and hence from all surrounding neighbourhoods.

The renovation of the interior spaces as work on the conversion of the site’s buildings progresses will include the development of the main courtyard, a large esplanade in front of the old riding school. Other public spaces will be scattered across the site. The roads within the site will be remodelled and reserved for active transport modes (cyclists and pedestrians) and deliveries.

Underground car parks are also planned, in connection with the new housing and new activities of Usquare.

This component of Usquare is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), for the renovation of the old barracks courtyard in front of the old riding school.