ULB-VUB, a partnership that will put Brussels in the spotlight!

Usquare, an international centre for researchers, professors, students and PhD students from all around the world, will contribute to raising Brussels’ international profile.

A research centre that bridges universities, faculties, and disciplines

The Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies (BIAS), developed jointly by ULB and VUB, will focus its research strategy on topics related to sustainable development, for instance the responsible management of natural resources, social cohesion, economics, and urban development.

The first Institute for Advanced Studie in Brussels

The purpose of Institutes for Advanced Studies (IAS) is to host top international researchers for periods of up to one year. By relieving these researchers of their normal duties for a while and thus enabling them to share their expertise and advance the state of knowledge in their field, IASs are valuable tools that can enhance the international character, appeal and renown of universities and the cities where they are located.

An international Welcome centre

The Welcome centre will be a one-stop-shop where students, researchers, professors, and PhD students can find information on their stay.
Its purpose will be to make administrative procedures easier for these people when they arrive in Brussels.
A number of support resources at the regional (visit.brussels, STIB, etc.) and local (residents' office) levels may also join the university's own resources in this international Welcome centre.

This component of Usquare is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).