Shortlist for first public housing operation

A further step has been completed in the development of, the programme for the conversion of the former Fritz Toussaint barracks in Ixelles. The Housing Corporation of the Brussels-Capital Region (SLRB-BGHM) has shortlisted 5 of the 19 applications received in response to the public procurement process relating to the design and works monitoring contract for the first of the public housing operations planned on the site, which it launched in October 2020.

The five multidisciplinary teams that have been asked to submit plans are as follows:
- N090 - Karbon - JZH-ST47
- Low - Stabo - CreteQ
- Atelier Kempe Thill + Kaderstudio
- DEA Lab - Ash Sakula-Metriek - Util - Tech3 - EA - Dimar

The project consists of the extensive renovation of three existing main buildings and an outbuilding to create around 33 social housing units for rent. Located at the corner of Rue Fritz Toussaint and Avenue de la Couronne, the current complex is known as ‘Clos des Mariés’. These buildings of historical value were initially designed as accommodation for married gendarmes, and will thus be restored to their original residential purpose. The project is being carried out on behalf of the public service property company (SISP) BinHôme, which has delegated project management to the SLRB-BGHM.

This operation constitutes part of the overall project for the conversion of the former gendarmerie school, which is being coordinated by the Urban Development Corporation (SAU). It will contribute to two key aspects of the development of the showcasing of the site's architectural heritage and the circular and reuse strategy.

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