Coordinator of the Usquare site

The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) is the public operator responsible for:

  • the operational implementation of the development plans in the strategic zones defined by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • series of specific projects adding to Brussels’ prestige, including the Citroën Cultural Centre and the Hippodrome.

The SAU-MSI acts as the developer of these zones and projects, on the basis of a co-construction approach with the relevant private and public partners. Where necessary, it plays this role by controlling the ownership of buildings and/or land (more than 70 hectares in the Brussels-Capital Region).

The SAU-MSI is the coordinator of the site where Usquare is being developed. This mission was entrusted to it by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, which used the Beliris Fund to purchase the former barracks from the Federal State.

The SAU-MSI is coordinating the various components of the Usquare project.

In addition, it will manage the following aspects itself, in consultation with the other public and university stakeholders:

  • the search for private investors for the university accommodation and family housing components.
  • the project management of the public spaces.